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Electroformed Parabolic Reflectors

Phoenix Electroformed manufacturers a variety of available parabolas with focal lengths ranging from .100 inches to 2.35 inches

Energy Collimating Reflectors used in Searchlights, Promotional Lighting, Architectural Enhancement, and Tactical Lighting for Law Enforcement and Military

Parabolic reflectors from Phoenix Electroformed Products are often used for high intensity lighting such as architectural, promotional, law enforcement and handheld searchlights where a collimated, concentrated beam of light is desired.

Parabolic mirrors may also be used to collect and focus incoming energy.

Off-axis segments are available from most of our parabolic reflectors. The segments may be fabricated in a variety of shapes and sizes, with or without mounts.

We currently manufacture a variety of parabolic mirrors with Focal lengths ranging from .020" to 2.35", with Clear Apertures from a few millimeters to twenty inches in diameter. If we don't offer a particular focal length or size, we can easily develop the tooling required to produce it.

A variety of reflectivity enhancing materials are available including Vacuum deposited Aluminum, Gold and Silver as well as Electrodeposited Rhodium, Gold and Bright Nickel with various protective overcoats.

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Phoenix Electroformed Products manufacturers Electroformed Parabolic Reflectors

High Intensity Lighting for Architectural, Promotional, Law Enforcement, & Handheld Searchlights

Phoenix Electroformed Products manufacturers Electroformed Parabolic Reflectors



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