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Manufacturer of Precision Electroformed Metal Reflectors, Optical Collectors, Cold Shields and Ophthalmic Molds

Phoenix Electroformed Products Electroforms in both Nickel and Copper and offers Electrodeposition of Rhodium, Gold, and Bright Nickel, as well as Surface Blackening Treatments

Parabolic Reflectors - Phoenix Electroformed Products
Parabolic Reflectors

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Ellipsoidal Reflectors

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Cold Shields & IR Radiation Shields

Electroforming / Electroplating Process - Phoenix Electroformed Products
Electroforming / Electroplating Process

Thin Film Vacuum Deposition - Phoenix Electroformed Products
 Thin Film Vacuum Deposition 




Thank you for your interest in Phoenix Electroformed Products

Located in Southern California, Phoenix Electroformed Products specializes in the manufacture of metal optical reflectors and collectors of the highest quality. Using the finest materials and technology available, we offer a growing number of stocked products based on industry standards, along with the ability to provide non-standard geometries determined by customer requirements. Reflector mounting assemblies are also available for most  standard product reflectors.

Phoenix Electroformed Products offers vacuum deposition of reflectivity enhancing materials including Aluminum, Gold and Silver, with various protective as well as wavelength attenuating overcoats. Electrodeposited enhancement materials include Rhodium, Gold and Bright Nickel.

Due to our many years of experience in electroforming and vacuum coating, we are able to offer assistance in designing a reflector that is both functional and fabrication friendly. We welcome the opportunity to be involved in your specific reflector design from the start.

Should your finished reflector require a feature that cannot be easily created during the electroforming process, we offer EDM, machine shop and WaterJet capabilities.


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Phoenix Electroformed Products is a Manufacturer of Electroformed Metal Optical Collectors & Reflectors