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Electroformed Ellipsoidal Reflectors

Phoenix Electroformed Products has a growing family of ellipsoidal reflectors designed for new, existing, and replacement equipment

Refocusing Energy for Motion Picture projectors, UV Curing Equipment, Medical Devices, Fiber Optic Equipment, Etc.

Ellipsoidal reflectors are used in many projection applications where refocusing of energy through a second remote point is required. Motion picture projectors, UV curing equipment, and medical devices, are just a few of the many uses for an ellipsoidal mirror.

Phoenix Electroformed Products has a growing family of standard ellipsoidal reflectors designed for new, existing, and replacement equipment. Call us for your specific application.

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Phoenix Electroformed Products manufacturers Ellipsoidal Reflectors & Collectors

Refocusing Energy for Motion Picture Projectors, UV Curing Equipment, & Medical Projection Devices


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