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Electroformed Cold Shields & IR Radiation Shields

Cold Shields and IR Radiation Shields produced for a variety of applications

Phoenix Electroformed Products manufactures cold shields using copper, nickel or a combination of both metals. The finished product is usually coated with highly reflective electrodeposited gold on the outer surface and a black IR absorbing conversion coating on the inner surfaces.

Cold shields are generally designed to protect IR detectors in infrared thermal imaging systems and cameras for scientific and industrial applications as well as military weapons system applications. IR detectors are most accurate when they are shielded from stray IR radiation. The low mass cold shield provides the detector array with a structure that is IR reflective on the outer surface and IR absorptive on the inner surface. The extremely low mass allows the cold shield to be rapidly cooled to near cryogenic temperatures for optimal operation of the detectors.

Electroforming can produce extremely thin cross sections and to a very high degree of detail. The use of soluble mandrels allows for the creation of very complex internal features.

At Phoenix Electroformed Products, our extensive background in electroforming allows us to easily produce complex cold shields to stringent specifications. We employ superior methods of plating bath parameter control along with consistant quality control in order to ensure that our electroformed products are the finest available.


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